Travelling Collection, sunny 2014

Inspiration board sunny 2014

Whilst I was on holiday in Borneo, on Turtle Island to be exact, I came up with ideas for a new sunny wellington collection. It takes inspiration from my travels and is for ladies who travel. Comfortable useful pretty clothing that is sun bleached, worn, battered, patched and colourful. Fabrics and shapes from around the world, taking inspiration from the Japanese kimono and Indian dhoti.

My mindmap

mindmap sunny 2014

This is my inspiration board…

Inspiration board sunny 2014

The first thing I started to make was the kimono. I researched how a kimono was made, sketched out the basic pattern, took guesstimate measurements and cut one out. The first one I make of everything is always for me, so I can test it out, make practical changes. I grows and changes as I sew and wear it. After sewing it up and trying it on, I decided to unpick it all and add a different lining, so it would hang differently and the soft cotton lining would juxtapose the bright sari outer layer.



This weekend I had a surge of sewing activity and made a pattern for a summer jacket, a pair of shorts, a sweatshirt. Here is my progress so far

Pattern cuttingGetting busySweatshirt


Little Things

As a spin off of sunny wellington Rachel decided to create ‘Little Things’ which is a children and baby clothing line. At first she reworked tee shirts, cleaning, repairing, and making old unwanted tee shirts pretty again!

These tee shirts can be made to order, in an array of colours with different things stitched on, so please email me at with your suggestions. These orders can be made up and sent out within a week, £2 for P&P.

£7, Ickle stripey ribbon tee shirt
£7, Ickle tee shirt
£7, Close-up of ickle tee shirt
£7, Ickle pink tee shirt

Summer 2006…

I started to consider my fabrics more for this collection, I used more recycled fabrics than I did in 2006.

Flowery fabrics with sustainable jerseys and unwanted vests have been used to create a pretty, fresh and embellished collection of beautiful clothes.

Tie-neck long sleeve blouse, £25
Detail of flowery dress
Flowery pinafore dress, £25
Summer coat, £40
Summer coat