In the studio this week…

I just thought I’d start off by showing you where the magic happens, or where sunny wellington gets creative and I make all my clothes…well, usually I have things spread out all over my flat usually but this is supposed to be the hub of the activities!

The hub of sunny wellington activity

This week I finished a pair of trousers which I designed with Rihanna’s song Rude Boy in mind!

Rude Boy, fabric inspiration

The pants were very easy to make, just lightweight cotton fabric and a basic loose trousers pattern I had made at University. I then added elastic at the waist and at the bottom of each leg. The grey bits were white at first, they made the trousers look a bit too loud and gaudy, especially as I wanted to wear them for work and around Romford (not the most accepting audience!). So I decided to dye the trousers with grey Dylon, I think they have turned out well and I have already had 2 orders! They are really comfy, especially on a hot summers day and can be dressed up with heels or down with gladiator sandals…Let me know what you think…

Rihanna Rude Boy pants
Rude Boy pants - close up

This week I also finished a top which I started to make ages ago but it was going nowhere and had just looked like a piece of sack for a while, then I got inspired by the high neck, in at the waist blouses which were around and big sleeves from the 1940’s. There is a really good exhibition on in the gallery where I work at the moment, which is open to the public about Fashion and Fascism, curated by Judith Clark…come along and visit here:

See below for my butterfly top…

Butterfly top and re-conditioned pink skirt
Back of butterfly top

I had a lovely puffy pink skirt which I loved wearing so much that the zip and waistband had worn out, so I decided to update and upcycle it with a new zip and waistband. I added a bit of a sunny twist by using flowery fabric and mismatching buttons though! I also had some silky fabric left over from an old nightie which I had transformed into a lace vest. With the remaining silky fabric and some buttons I created a simple but smart, chic backless cream top.

Upcycled pink skirt and cream backless top
Back of cream backless top

The last thing I did on this week’s granny sewing day was to turn a stripey tee shirt into a backless dress with buttons on! Just by cutting the back away and adding elastic to the sleeves so that they were ruffled and then adding some sunny buttons I created a comfy adaptable dress that can be dressed up or down and worn both in the summer and winter…

Stripey dress
Buttons and ruffled sleeves

What will next week’s delights have to offer? I’m thinking some last minute adjustments for my Glastonbury wardrobe! I’m thinking about making a Phil Collins tee shirt and flag as this is our groups theme. I want to also graffiti my good old green Dunlop wellies too…will post the results soon.

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