Babbitt in Canada

This little Babbitt was made for a newborn baby boy and sent off to Canada. I chose the book I LOVE YOU SO MUCH by Robert Munsch as it’s such a lovely story with great illustrations by Sheila McGraw.

Here he is with his new owner Kyle 🙂


Babbitt in Essex

This Babbitt was ordered for Christmas for a little girl in Brentwood Essex along with a copy of Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney. If you’d like to order a Babbitt for a birthday, Christening or yourself just email me at I can make boys or girls and material/colour suggestions are welcomed!

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Babbitt #4 Germany

These 2 cuties were commissioned for 2 little ones in Germany. I was quite busy in the run up to Christmas so had carried them in my bag so I could get sewing in any free bit of time I had…luckily I had a train journey to York for a social media course one day…


Babbitt #2 Collaboration for a Christening

I was commissioned to make a Babbitt by My friend, Zoe, of Zoe Beck design for a christening present for Beau. Zoe gave me some fabric she had designed and printed and I created the Babbitt from this, so it was a design collaboration 🙂


Beau and mum Dawn of Fairytale Occasions visit the Facebook page loved the Babbitt and book and sent these photos to me 🙂

Thank you for the great photos Dawn and great collaborating with you Zoe, let’s do it again soon!

If you’d like to order a Babbitt, just email me at

Babbitts on Etsy

Babbitt by Rachel Jillions

I have now listed my first Babbitt on Etsy!

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Babbitt 1a 1b 1c

Handmade soft toy ‘Babbitt’ inspired by one of my favourite childhood stories.

This Babbitt (name invented by Theo aged 2) is inspired and accompanied by Alpaca by Rosemary Billam, a storybook I read with my dad in the early 80s.

The Babbitt is handmade, hand washable, is made from locally sourced fabrics and has a hand embroidered face and paws. It is inspired by the Alpaca in the book and by my house rabbit Nigel.

Easy to care for and will withstand everyday life with a baby and toddler.

I’m hoping this will help children and their parents enjoy more bedtime stories together and build strong loving bonds.

Ram’s Place Fashion by the Barbican

I went to a great event on Saturday 12 July organised by the Barbican, with VOGUE GOES ROGUE and the extraordinary Lyall Hakaraia leading a folk art-inspired fashion procession and ceremony, alongside work by designers Craig Lawrence, Louize Harries and Laura Shepherd.

Ram's Place Nicola Bowery Craig Lawrence Craig Lawrence 2


Giant handmade totems by Lyall Hakaraia, Craig Lawrence, Louize Harries and Laura Shepherd paraded through East London from the Barbican to Ram’s Place in Hackney, followed by talks from Nicola Bowery (Leigh Bowery’s wife) and Lyall Hakaraia, music from folk singers and entertainment from drag act Jonny Woo.

The market was on from 12 – 20 July 2014, Ram Place (off Morning Lane)

Rabbits by Rachel Jillions

Rabbit by Rachel Jillions


Soft toys designed and handmade by Rachel Jillions.

One-off designs, inspired by favourite childhood storybooks and created in your favourite baby clothing to create toys with attachment, meaning and value. These toys have been made with a lot of love and will be treasured over generations.

Bailey and Gaultier

Every now and again I decide to cycle around central London for the day visiting exhibitions and catching up on culture.

Bailey’s Stardust, National Portrait Gallery, 6 February – 1 June 2014

On my recent visit I decided to go to Bailey’s Stardust at the National Portrait Gallery and Jean Paul Gaultier at the Barbican. Two people I love and two galleries I love, the former for it’s architecture and grandeur and the latter for it’s exciting fashion exhibitions and it’s brutalist architecture. Cycling into very central London is always quite scary for me even though I cycle into Kings Cross, where I work most days, past there the roads get bigger and busier, bus lanes get busier and faster and drivers get angrier! The Stardust show was worth the scary ride though, lots of images of Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Stella Tennant, blah blah blah oh and David Bowie and Mick Jaggar, Seal, but what really blew me away was the room of portraits from Papua New Guinea and Mozambique. These were beautiful and personal and delicate. I thought it was a real shame Bailey only photographed Aboriginals from Brisbane and Cairns and not their holy lands in traditional costume, I think he would have got so much from a visit to the outback. But Australia is huge and also Aboriginals are opposed to having their photos taken I think, I just think they could have been captured in a beautiful way like the people of PNG and Mozambique. The other amazing room was the family portraits, I just thought it was a window into his family life and I thought it was a real honour to be invited in.

The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk
9 April 2014 – 25 August 2014

The Gaultier show at the Barbican was completely different, very interactive, you could take photos and hashtag them so that they became part of an online conversation, taking the exhibition to a whole new level. I loved this, but I’m sure some people find it takes away the special feeling of visiting the show in person. I loved the different ways of displaying Gaultier’s creativity and was amazed about how many forms this took, Spitting Image on TV, illustrations, clothing, film, etc. The exhibition inspired me to learn more about Gaultier and his muses.

A thoroughly amazing and inspiring day!

Barbican mannequins Gaultier JPGaultier Gaultier2