sunny wellington 2013

Here is a little dress for a beautiful little girl called Poppy…


I have also been making dresses for big girls (mummy’s) and matching ones for little girls, here they are so far…

Another dress I made from a Dior look pattern with curtain fabric, made me think of the Sound of Music all day, so I was happy at work all day!! Hehe!


20130318-201229.jpg 20130318-201213.jpg

Recently there has been a lot of news about Horsemeat and I also had a trip to France, so I have used Horses as inspiration for this bag…I think I may add a unicorn horn???


My friend is getting married on April Fools Day/Easter Monday this year and I was going to make a yellow dress for the day but I’ve been very impressed by black dresses at weddings lately, so I’ve made one for myself, below. It has a diagonal cut-out back and floral lining, it’s silky and very smart. I’m going to wear it with black tights, shoes, long gloves and fuschia pink accessories, including a fuschia pink ribbon detail at the waist as suggested by my friend Sarah 😉

20130322-134819.jpg IMG_3274 IMG_3273

I was given lots of amazing interiors fabric by my friend Madeline who has just moved to Singapore, in return she asked for some toiletry bags in the fabric, so I made her 2 and then really liked them so made some more…here are the results:

IMG_3269 20130322-134927.jpg

Here’s a scarf, cushion and the toiletry bags that I’m making from the interiors fabric…thank you Madeline! xx


Tea + toast is my homeware range. 4 cushions for £50 or 1 cushion for £15.


Some more classic Vivvy skirts, made from sari fabric:

IMG_3277 IMG_3276