Hello everyone!

The next night I saw Yeasayer at the Roundhouse, an amazing venue for music…they were good but were a bit too experimental in some places for me! We were in the mosh pit at the front though and the kids loved them! A cross between Kula Shaker and Spiritualized…


A few weeks ago LCF hosted an international conference called Fashion Media: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow. I sold tickets, promoted the event, managed enquiries and helped out at the event. It was a fantastic event organized by the wonderful Penny Martin and Djurdja Bartlett. It brought together academics, industry and students to investigate and discuss the fashion media of past present and future and indeed on and offline. The audience enjoyed a jam packed agenda with papers from members of UAL staff: and academics from around the world including Valerie Steele, Elizabeth Wissinger and leading people from industry. The Pecha Kucha session http://www.pecha-kucha.org/ was inspirational and  added to the fast pace of the conference. 4 students were given 6 minutes 40 seconds to present their research projects in 20 slides. Dr Ane Lynge-Jorlen started the session presenting her work from her recently awarded PhD: Felice McDowell and Suzzanne Neita from LCF also presented with Cheryl Roberts from Brighton University finishing.

I also went to the RCA’s research degree open day posing as a prospective student and my boss was my mum! They had all of the PhD work displayed, which was a mix of films, art, glass, ceramics, fashion, textiles and some students talked about their work too, very interesting. I walked back along the park and got on an old fashioned bus without doors or bells, it was interesting trying to get off!

In the studio since I got back from Skiathos I have been updating my wardrobe…here are some snaps…

I have also made a start on some new ideas, cushions…

and knickers! Was thinking of a label called JillionsMillionsFrillions!

And some purses…

And some iPod cases…

In the next few weeks I am going to be hanging out with my new friend Tiana and mosaicing shelves! Her sister over in Oz is an art teacher and has mosaiced some furniture to make it look absolutely fabulous! Some inspiration…


Here are the results of 2 girls mosaicing for 8 hours straight!

I’ll be back updating my site soon…

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