One sunny Sunday…sunny gets creative

Today I was on a complete high after having a shocking hangover yesterday and waking up today bright eyed and bushy tailed with lots of ideas to make and create!

On Friday I graduated from my MA in Design Management for the Fashion Industries from London College of Fashion at the Royal Festival Hall. It was a really lovely day and made me realise what an achievement it was to have gained my MA whilst working full time. I then went on to celebrate at a Beer Festival with my friends, hence a Saturday hangover 😦

So, I went for a cheeky cocktail on Wednesday night with my lovely friend Zoe Beck of Print, Tuft and Fold

Miss Zoe Beck

We went to a lovely little place in Charlotte Street, called Bourne & Hollingsworth Well anyway, in the bar you can drink cocktails out of teacups, jars and other assorted objects! The cocktails are uber tasty and sometimes even come with mini jaffa cakes on the side.

Cocktail in a teacup with mini jaffas

Apart from the gorgeous cocktails, the bar had amazing furniture, which was hand decorated. Someone had covered wooden chairs in different fabrics. Zoe said that it was with the aid of some PVA glue, so today I got experimenting with my dining table…

Sanding down and base-coating
Painting in the sun
PVA glue action

I started by sanding down the table and giving it a quick coat of white paint…tip from the top, don’t leave your paint on the balcony, it gets baked in the sun like everything else!

I then thought about covering the whole table but at the moment this is my sewing table so I wanted something quick! So I decided to add in-built placemats! In true sunny style, I took short cuts, got messy with both the paint and PVA glue and am still covered in both now 🙂 It was really good fun and I think it’ll look good when I’ve finished and start using it.

I had lots of bananas left over this week, usually I would just make a big yummy scrummy banana and peanut butter milkshake but today I felt like baking! So I dipped into my friend Erin Fairhead’s mums cookbook, Juggling with Cakes by Jane Bartlett. I baked Granny’s naana cake. Very easy and very tasty!

Yummy banana cake
Granny's Naana cake!
Cutting out the trousers

I then decided to cut out some more Rude Boy pants as a few of my friends had been impressed by the pair I made myself…

Cutting out some Rude Boy pants

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