This is one of my last weeks of working at London College of Fashion, I have enjoyed working there for 4 years now and have met some truly inspirational people. I though I’d post a little snippet about a few of them as I thought they may inspire others…

Penny Martin, approachable, bubbly, dynamic and uber positive. Penny worked at SHOWstudio with fashion photographer Nick Knight before arriving at LCF. SHOWstudio is a website/blog which allows ‘normal’ people to get an insight of the fashion world and behind the scenes…have a look:

Penny is also involved in the creation of The Gentlewoman, the female alternative of Fantastic Man

Penny has also curated exhibitions, one of which was at Somerset House, last Autumn about SHOWstudio. I visited and found the interactive live fashion shoots and videos really inspirational.

Somerset House has some really interesting stuff on this summer, Film 4 is screening films on a huge outdoors screen, just like a drive thru without the cars J

And, of course the Martin Margiela exhibition is on until September

So thank you Penny for being so inspirational and thank you for my Vivienne Westwood Active Resistance broach!

Helen Storey works at LCF, she has been a fashion designer since the early 90s, you can find information about here here:

Helen is almost unearthly when you meet her, she is truly amazing. She is so calm but so productive, is able to turn things on there heads and come up with crazy ideas and explain them to anyone. She is not scared to ask questions, push boundaries and loves to learn. Amazing! She has been involved in projects which have created disappearing dresses, washing powder which purifies air and plastic bottles which melt once they are no longer needed…true story.

Chris Breward worked at LCF until 2004, whilst there he built up the research community, he has written many books about fashion and worked at the Royal College and the V&A. A few weeks ago he spoke at an Away Day for LCF research students, I found his friendly and open manner along with his incredible knowledge of the fashion world truly amazing.


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