My final collection at uni, 2004

My final collection at the University of Huddersfield whilst studying for the BA Hons in Fashion Design, Manufacture, Marketing and Promotion was based on childhood nostalgia, adults dressing up like kids…

Chrissie in big swooshy coat

I used old unwanted fabrics which I sourced from a local ragtrader in Batley, which I found out about when I was freelancing for Blue Rinse, Leeds ( I loved the vast array and jumble of the fabrics available at the ragtraders and just sorting through it, at the time I was a ‘poor student’ so the low costs of the fabrics appealed to my purse too!

I tried to accentuate the scale of the adult clothing on kids when they dressed up, I made clothes which were upside down, inside out and just oversized. My project was fun and amusing but with a serious note about recycling fabrics.

I decided to create promotional material for the label with kids in mind, I thought that it would appeal to the nostalgic and creative side of my potential customers.

In this photo, Gemma, Semphra and Eleri are having a tea party…

Tea party, promotional material

To promote the launch of the label I planned to have tea parties with cake, tea and champagne at the boutiques around the UK which stocked sunny wellington. At these parties the customers were allowed to try on the sunny wellington clothing in the privacy of a small intimate party.

sunny wellington cupcakes

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